Vocabulary and grammar take the most time to improve.

This is because you need to know a lot of words to be able to express yourself clearly in English. The more words you have in your active vocabulary, the better your spoken English will be. The keyword here is active. It is not important to just know the meaning of a lot of words, you need to be able to use them while speaking too.


Here are a few quick ways to help you increase your vocabulary.

Group words according to subjects not alphabetically: Think of a subject area and create a mind map of all the words that you can think of related to that subject. For example: Lets note down all words for the subject area "school"


students, teachers, principal, books, subjects....


List as many words as you can.This method will help you remember more words than memorising long word lists where words are not related to each other.


Listen and Repeat: Listen to English on radio or television and when you come across a new word note it down in a diary along with the stress syllables. It isn't even important to get the spelling right at this stage as we are simply doing this to increase our speaking vocabulary. Repeat aloud each word in your diary as often as you can to memorize the word stress.

Pick 3 new words each day and try to use them in conversation with your friends. remember just having a list of word in your diary that you know how to pronounce will not help you in your exam .. you NEED to use them in conversation.

Once you have used a word a few times in your conversations it will become part of your active vocabulary available to you in your active memory

Here are some more tips on how to improve your vocabulary and grammar for IELTS Speaking:


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Best of luck.


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