Here are some tips for improving fluency and coherence in spoken English.


Confidence: The secret to improving your fluency and coherence in speaking English is having confidence in yourself. There are students who have confidence and they are the ones who are able to make the most progress and become fluent speakers of English. The students who don't progress so quickly are students who worry about making mistakes so much that it stops them from communicating and making that progress.


Use alternative words: The most important thing about English speaking is fluency .. it is even more important that accuracy. So when you speak don't spend a lot of time pausing and searching for words .. this will not only break your own chain of thought but will also make your listener loose interest in what you are saying. Next time if you feel lost for a word try to keep expressing yourself with alternative words to describe the word that you can't remember and have a laugh about it. Lets say, you want to say "I ate a watermelon for breakfast" and you cannot remember the words watermelon and breakfast, how can you still express the same meaning to your listener? You could say ... "I ate a big fruit in the morning .. you know .. the one that's big and round like a football and red and juicy from inside with lots of small seeds" .. chances are that your listener might give you the name of the fruit by this time and you can just laugh and continue talking from there on.


Use Contractions: Native English speakers often use contractions while speaking complex sentences.

An example of contraction is to say "He'll be coming to the party." instead of "He will be coming to the party.".

Contractions not only make your sentences shorter, they also make you sound more fluent. It also makes it easier to use complex grammatical structures in your sentences

For example: "If I'd had more time I would've taken the train". This is a lot more easier to say than "If I had had more time I would have taken the train"


Have Fun: In order to speak fluently you must really enjoy speaking and don't worry about being accurate all the time. Its all about communicating the meaning to the other person and there are multiple ways of doing it. So to summarize:

  1. Don't focus on speaking accurately all the time. Mostly of the time relax, let go and have fun while speaking.
  2. If you can't think of a word don't spend a long time pausing and searching for the right word and having bid silences in the conversation. Rather think of another word or phrase which means the same thing.
  3. Use contractions to speak complex sentences more fluently.
  4. The key to speaking fluently is to relax and enjoy speaking English .. it's fun :)

Here are some more tips on how to improve your fluency and coherence for IELTS Speaking test:

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Best of luck.


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