Last month we featured Madhu's story where she scored a Band 8 in her first attempt. This month we bring to you Shalini's IELTS success story and her study plan that helped her score overall Band 8 with 7+ in each IELTS module. Unlike Madhu, this was Shalini's third attempt. In her previous two attempts she has failed to crack through the Band 7 barrier in writing.

Here's her email sharing the good news:

Shalini's IELTS Result

Hi Atul,

Thank you so much for your assistance !! Your assessment and feedback on my essay helped me fix my mistakes and achieve the desired IELTS score.

I got L 8.5, R 7 , W 7 , S 9

W 7 would not have been possible without your guidance.I'd like to thank you once again for your efforts :)


Shalini's Study Plan

Next, I asked Shalini to share her study tips and IELTS preparation strategy so that it could benefit other students. Here's what she had to say:


I used your website IELTS Online Practice for recent IELTS sample questions and wrote at least one task one and task two writing essays per day.

I used to prepare for three to four hours a day.

I feel that nobody can get a higher score just like that, unless they are really good at English but they might need to understand their drawbacks and start preparing accordingly.

I have actually secured desired scores in my third attempt. Writing was the only section in which I got 6.5 in the first two attempts whereas in other three sections I consecutively  scored more than seven.

In fact my preparation was almost the same in all three attempts, but during my third attempt I kept my cool and paid utmost attention to the questions and it worked well for me!

Also, I’ve went through the band descriptors and made sure that I’m writing in accordance with the same. Of course that might not have been possible until I got your feedback for my writing.

Thanks again for your efforts.

I hope this helps!




So there you go. Improving your score from 6.5 to 7 is possible if you keep your goal in mind and stay calm during the exam. Make sure that you practice writing a task 1 and task 2 topic every day. However, it is not enough to just keep writing essays, make sure that you get an experienced IELTS teacher to review your writing and give some feedback. If you want me to have a look and give you a score on your writing tasks, use the button below to submit a task today!


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