This question type is considered to be the most difficult by many candidates in IELTS reading test. The reason is that candidates get confused between false and not given. And the reason that they get confused is that they try to over analyse the question and use their own assumptions and prior knowledge.

Here is a quick 2 step strategy to get True / False / Not Given questions right:

Always read the statement of the question first and then scan the passage text for the answer. Follow this 2 step strategy for answering True/ False / Not Given questions.

  1. Does the question statement appear clearly in the text. In other words ... is the meaning of the question statement and the statement in text the same? If yes, then the answer is True. Move on to the next question. If not, continue to the second step.
  2. Does the question statement clearly contradict or conflict the statement in the text? If yes, then the answer is False. If not, then the answer is Not Given.

Note: These two steps are irreversible. You MUST test for true first For more strategies and examples of other questions types in IELTS reading join IELTS Twenty20 course today!


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