Hi Atul! I just took the academic IELTS on Sept 10th, today. I only really remember writing so here’s the tasks.
Task 1 – Four pie charts are shown, and two belong to country A and the other two country B. Each pie chart is split into three parts (agriculture, services, and industry), and it compares the percent of employment in each type of job for males and females in 2007.
Task 2 – Some people think that studying the past doesn’t teach us anything about life today, while others think that history gives us valuable information about life today. Discuss both views and state your opinion.
For task 2, I first talked about both views. I said people who think history isn’t important might think old philosophies and teachings aren’t applicable anymore because things are so much more different today, and that they may not see connections between the past and present. For people who think history is important, I said that it can give us a greater understanding of the world and understand more about different cultures. In my point of view, I sided with history is important, and brought up that studying history helps give us different perspectives and also warn us about mistakes made in the past.
Do you think my ideas were ok?
Thank you so much!


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