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I've compiled a list of high frequency topics that have been asked repeatedly in April so far. If you are preparing for the IELTS exam then make sure that you maximize your chances of scoring a BAND 7.

Topic 1 - India, Iran, Pakistan
Many people are choosing to live on their own. Is this a positive or a negative trend? What is your opinion and share your personal experiences?
Topic 2 - Sri Lanka, Oman, UK
Social media has replaced the traditional methods of communicating and people use more and more of social media to communicate and to follow news and events. Some people think the disadvantages outweigh the disadvantages. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your opinion with examples.
General Writing Task 1
Topic 1 - India, Iran, Pakistan
Write a letter to your landlord regarding a water problem.
1. Explain the problem.
2. How are you effected by this?
3. What do you want the landlord to do?
Part 1
1. What is your name
2. Where do you live and describe the place where you live
3.How much time do you travel to work
4. What do you do on your way to work
5.How did you travel to work
6. What is the effect of rain to you
7. Were you caught in rain without umbrella or raincoat
Part 2
Talk about a good parent you know
How you know him/her
How does he/she spends time with children .
Explain why you think that person is a good parent
Part 3 – Questions about Parenting
1.Do you think parents need to spend equal amount of time with their children
2.Do you think parents should allow children to watch tv all they want
3.How working parents in your country take care of their children
Speaking test 2 - India, USA, Malaysia
-Do you work/study
-Did u take any training for this job
-Will u take any further training for this job
-What activities do you do while at home
-What activities you did with family members when you were in your country
-Do you think that activities are changed recently
PART-2 Cue Card
-Tell me about someone who had just made a decision
What the decision was
Who took it
How it affected him/her
– Did u tell anyone about this decision
-Why children are bad in decision making
-Do u think parents are the best people to educate children for decision making
-What is the best age to take decisions
-How decision making differs in young people from children
-What training should children be given related to job in school

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