Hi Atul,Congrats for doing a fantastic work to lot of exam aspirants, all the more for free. I was going though this website extensively, for close to a month and gave my IELTS General yesterday in the UK.
Here are the questions that i remember:
Part 1: Conversation about two people on social work, and volunteering. (Fill up the blanks)
Part 2: Diagram, explaining where each rooms (Writing down letters) were.
Part 3: Pictorial identification of whales (presumably, this is where i lost a bit of concentration, with people coughing)
Part 4: Its all about some historians voyage, comprising Choosing the best option and some fill up the blanks.
Reading: (General)
Part 1: TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN based on something simple (sorry don’t remember the topic)
Part 2: Fill up the blanks from a passage (again, don’t remember the exact topic)
Part 3: Plan for holiday for children – Spot the paragraph where you have the appropriate.
Part 4: Magnev – This had two parts, 1. Filling up the blanks, 2. TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN.
Task 1:
Your friend is coming to your country from abroad and wants to stay with you, write a letter to him explaining
(i) why is not possible for him to stay with you
(ii) alternative arrangements you have made for his stay
(iii) Invite him/her to come over again at a later time
Some people feel that children should be taught in schools, how advertisements could influence us in buying few things. Do you agree or Disagree?
(I disagreed, my points were around school main focus is on academics, time spent in schools are less, schools cannot understand individuals behaviour and patterns as these are obsereved from inherited, finally financial situation decides us in buying or not few things which are best done at home, i quote an example too. Concluded, that i do not agree and endorse that this should be within the remit of schools, as these are outside their direct controls).
Part 1:
1. Where i live
2. How good is the transportation
3. Is it well connected
4. Do i see lot of advertisements around my house
5. How do they influence us to buy things, what’s your view.
6. Have i found it difficult to buy presents or gifts to someone
7. What is the best way of exchanging gifts and presents in my culture and why is it necessary
Part 2:
Topic was given to me and this was about
Why do you think it is important to keep us fit with regular excercise
(i) Do you engage in any excercise
(ii) Whom do you do it with
(iii) Why do you think it is important
Part 3:
1) do you think technology has influenced us a lot and is it good or bad?
2) what’s your view on negative impact on technology.
These are some snippets that i could think of. Once again i would like to congratulate you for doing such a wonderful help to the society. Your patience and smile are two things which helps the learning interesting.
Overall, i got a Band score of 7 last time (2yrs back), and this time around i think i have done much better than that, but not keen to worry as i’ve done what i can and await for things to happen, which hopefully will be good.


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