Hey I’m Lucky from Sri Lanka. Did Academic test on 30th July in Colombo. I have noted down a summary of the lest. Hope it will be useful for the others.Listening – It was more like the IELTS 9 cambridge english version practice test book, test 2. had a map in section 2. In section 4 it was about whales. They gave a diagram of 4 whales and we had to figure the names of 3 whales according to the description.
Reading – 1st paragraph was about desertification, 2nd paragraph was about Parrots 3rd paragraph was about a research on multiple tasks. 1st section had (true, false, NG) and Fill in the blanks. In the 2nd section had matching information with the relevant para, fill in the blanks and choosing the correct answer. In section 3 it had (yes,no,NG), choosing the correct answer and finding the correct meaning for few terms given in the para (This was a new thing for me)
Task 1 – a line graph about 3 types of crimes (house robbery, car theft, street……)in a particular city in England from years 1998 – 2009
Task 2 – Essay on over-eating and hunger. We had to address why over-eating is a problem compared to hunger and how to solve the problem of over-eating.
Good luck my dear friends.
Hey Atul thanks a lot for the effort that you have taken to teach us ielts tips. They are very useful.


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