HI Atul,This is Hanan, From Saudi Arabia,
I had mt test on today Saturday 29 October 2016.
Writing Test:
Task 1
It was a Bar graph shows the percentage of three categories (Clothes, Holydays and Electronic equipments ) over age changing from 25 to over 70, during one year 2009 in one country.
Task 2:
The best way to understand the culture is to work in multinational organisation.
Do you agree or disagree give reasons and examples.
It was about different subjects including:
– Chocolate
Do you like it? and Why?
Why is chocolate is soo popular?
Do you liked it when you was a kid?
*and many other questions I couldn’t remember
– Photography
Do you like taking photos? Why?
when you travel do you take photo?
Why people take photo?
Do you have photos when you were child?
– Public Transportation
What kind of public transportation in your country?
dose it effect the environment?
Why people might have a personal cars?
What would public transportation could be in future?
The card was bout a motorcycle or bicycle trip you want to have:
where you would like to go?
who you will take with you?
it will be difficult or not?
This what I can remember, soon I will share my results with you, wish me luck*-*!
Thanks all,


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