Test time: 29 Oct 2016Location: Toiohomai Institute, Rotorua, New Zealand
Type: General
Writing Task 1:
Your manager informed you that you are going to give introduction to a new employee, write a letter to this employee, the letter should include:
1. Explain why you are there for only the morning
2. What will you do in the morning
3. Suggest what the new employee can do in the afternoon.
Task 2:
In Many countries, traditional customs are lost,
Why would this happen?
What do you think school and parent should do to keep these customs alive?
Part 1:
Where are you living in?
How’s the public transport there?
What do you usually do on weekends?
How would you like to spend your up coming weekend?
Part 2:
If you have time in the future to enter a course, what would you like to study?
1. What’s the course and what would you learn from it?
2. Why do you want to take this course?
3. How difficult/easy do you think the course would be?
Part 3:
1. do you think schools should only provide education related to future career?
2. What’s the most popular jobs in your country and why is that?
[the rest i couldn’t remember]
Thanks Atul, i’ve been reading your blog for 1 weeks (when i decided to quickly take the exam, and in the shortest period i got familiar with the format and how to organize my writing task 2 thanks to the content of this blog.
I may not be 100% used what’s been suggested in this blog, but i certainly learnt something useful. Let’s see how it works in 13 days.
Looking forward to the results…


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