EXAM: AcademicLocation: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date 25th of Feb, 2017
Part 1:
What is ur full name?
Where are you from?
Do study or work?
Do you know how to play any kind of musical instruments?
Did ur parents teach u to play any kind of instruments?
Did u take any musical class when u were in the school?
how can music improve children’s mentality
What do u usually take in ur bag?
Do you take the same items in ur bag in the evening?
What do u do for ur relaxation?
Part 2
Cue card:
describe an international meal that you had when u traveled abroad.
Part 3
is it important 4 u to know the origin of the food you eat?
what is the benefit of trade between 2 countries?
What the effect of air pollution in the environment?
task one
bar graph abt computers, internet, dashband internet in homes from 1998 to 2008
task two :
about higher salaries for a few people… others think that salaries should have a certain level
discuss both points of views and give ur opinion
was so simple
part one abt a woman receive a prize
part two about a woman experience working in different libraries
part three is a conversation between a professor and two students
part four is abt umbrella
passage one is about Roman Palace
Passage two about climate
Passage three about decision


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