Hi Atul,Below are the questions related to Speaking and Writing:
IELTS GT Module:
Date: 8th Dec 2016
Venue: Pune
Part 1:
– Do you work?
– Why did you choose this job?
– Do you like ads? Why do you like them?
– Did any of the ads made you buy anything?
– what do you think about ads on internet?
– what do you think about hats?
– did you wear a hat in your childhood? when and why?
– why do people wear hats?
Part 2:
Describe a situation why you were required to get up very early in the morning
– what was the situation
– how did you felt about it
– would you continue with this habit?
Part 3:
– Is it important to get up early?
– what is the imp of time management?
– should we always arrive on time for any event?
– what are the situations when you think people prefer to go late to an event?
Date: 10th Dec 2016
Venue: Pune
Task 1:
Write a letter to your friend about the new job offer you have received from a different country. Tell him why you applied for it. Also ask him some questions about that country which will help you when you visit it.
Task 2:
Children in some parts of the world have less responsibility has compared to children in the past. Some people think this as a positive change however others think of it as as negative. write your opinion about it.


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