Hi Atul,I have been following your site and it is really helpful.
I took the IELTS Academic Module here in the Philippines last 21st May 2016.
Listening: It was really tough most especially the multiple choice parts.
Reading: It was the most difficult part of the test because you will end up guessing the other items due to extremely hard questions and very long passages. Atul, is 30 points the minimum score to get band 7.0 in reading despite of the level of difficulty stated?
Writing: Task 1 was about three pie charts on weekly hours spent on one country in 2010. One chart was for the employees, another one was for the owners/managers, and the last one was for the total workforce.
Task 2 was about “In some developing countries, children in rural communites do not have access to education. Some people believe that it is solved by providing schools and teachers. Other believed that it is better solved by computers and internet. Discuss both these views and Give your own opinion.
Atul, I discussed both views in the second and third paragraph impartially by giving two positive points for both views and eventually accepted both in the conclusion since they complement the deficiency of each solution. Is it alright that I did not or not?
Part 1:
Do you work or study?
Tell something about your work?
Has your work changed even before?
How often do you bus?
Have you ever had a long trip using the bus?
Which do you prefer, bus or taxi?
Part 2:
Describe a time you first used a foreign language (not your own language)
When was it?
Who you talked to?
What are things you takled to?
How did you feel when you made use of the language for the first time?
Part 3:
At what age should school teachers introduce foreign language to students?
How should the teacher make the lesson on foreign language interesting?
Are games in introducing a foreign language really helps? How? Did you have it at school?
How does school trips help student appreciate a foreign language?
What are the advantages of speaking a foreign language?
Do you think employers should hire people who can speak more than one language?
End of speaking test and the examiner told me that he wishes me luck for my future and it was really a nice conversation and gave me a warm handshake. Atul, I hope I did well in Speaking.
In general, the whole IELTS Session was really a nerve-wracking. I am hoping for the best. All I need is 7.0 in all areas Atul. Once again, thanks for all the tips and trick posted. God Bless You


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