Hi everyone,Last week, I took IELTS test, Academic on 25 June 2016 in ECU, Perth, Western Australia.
First exam was writing, not listening.
Writing Task 1-line graph
There were 4 lines describing the number (?) of employed man and woman from the age of 13(?) and 38 in Australia between 1976 and 2011.
X axis was ages and Y axis was numbers.
All four lines are increasing, upper two lines were for men, lower lines were for women, the number of employed men are higher then that of women
and both genders in 1976 have higher number than in 2011.
So, I described ” Overall, the number of employed men and women in Australia had decreased in age over the period given. But I am not sure whether I am right.
Writing Task 2
People think countries should support more for disease prevention and life style of people than supporting for treatment of people who are already ill. Do you agree?
Section 1: The topic was Physiognomy (It judges person according to face line and impression), T/F/NG and finding theory from the List (of scientist`s name) it was interesting topic, not so difficult.
Section 2: It was about an insect living in the tree, as usual. Sentence completion and filling the gap in the sentence. I just skimmed the passage and guessed the answer, since I had only 10 minutes left.
Section 3: Long passage, Autumn Leaves( Photosynthesis, there are two chemicals mentioned, influence of north location, sun and cold weather written, the chemicals` reaction in order to change the leave color) . but it was not so difficult one. I did this after passage 1.
Part 1: Telephoning for booking for a kid`s camping, I suppose( address, cost and etc), cost was three, I think the last one, $25, was answer.
Part 2: What can you bring in for camping? choose one, 1. Video game materials 2. cellular phone 3. campknives (?)- this was a hard question to me, it was too quick, I haven`t heard about knife and there were a lot of talk about video game and it said you can turn it off and leave at the camp site like that, so I answer 1. Guys, please correct me if I`m wrong.
Part 3: Camping ground Map, where are craft shop, recreation center, emergency site and camping site? First question was one across from the Preston St(?), and there was a river on the right side running though from the north to the south. The next question was between A and B. I miss them all, it was too quick:(
Part 4: don`t remember though, it wasn`t much difficult.
Part 1: Name and what do you do? Why did you choose it? Do you like it? Why?
If you have time after work, what do you like to do? Why?
Are you going to go to movies sometimes?
Part 2: card: It was about a place, 1 minute to prepare and 2 minutes to talk.
Question: Describe an interesting place where you can go and is open for the public?
Where is it?
How is it like?
When do you like the place?
Do you like to go there? And Why?
( I talked until she stopped me.)
Part 3
Where do you like to go when you have time?
Why do you think people like to go to a quiet place (like parks)?
Did you see many people use the place( parks) ( in your home country)?
Did you see people making noisy there? What did you think?
Do you think it is safe?
What do you think people ( in particular, children) make noisy in the residential place?
I was very nervous in the writing test, I don`t know why. I couldn`t write words properly, I had 260-270 words in writing task 2 first, then task 1 at around 144, running out of time. I memorized 5-6 templates which I can write for subjects for task 1 though, I couldn`t complete the task. 2:( I should have exercised writings with pencils like a real test, not with a mechanical pen. I gave World Health Organisation and early detection benefits as an example of agreement in body 1, task 2, hopefully I still get 6.
After Speaking, examiner asked me why I need this and how much, I answered I applied Uni and I need 6, nursing and she said, “You will get it”
In my opinion, in speaking, you need to prepare every details further and further.There are not so discussion questions ( advantages and disadvantages).
And practically you can`t go to toilet during the test time from 9am to 11.40am because there is no break time to go there. When you need, you have to go there during your test time, not between time. I entered test center at 8.20am but I was still not allowed to go out to use the toilet before test time. So bad experience! So you should void yourself before entering the test area.
I used Atul web site over a month to prepare the test and I practiced with a book, Cambridge IELTS 10 every morning 9am for the last week. I practiced almost every page she provided for us. Atul, thanks so much for your help.
Take care and have a wonderful break time!


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