Hi Atul,I took the IELTS Academic last Thursday. Writing 1 was about the snow depth in a particular ski resort for the months of May to October in the years 2010-2012. Writing 2 is was about employment competition. I haven’t heard of this question ever before so I was caught off guard during the exam. Haha! These were my main points:
1) If the “supply” in the job market increased, this would lead to the decrease in the demand of labor, and consequently its price. (aka increased unemployment). My solution for this is for the government to establish pension benefits for the retirees, and to exempt this from taxes.
2) There would be a job-age mismatch, therefore it would lower the national productivity. Solution is for the government to set a criteria for the eligibility for certain jobs. I gave out the durian harvester as an example. It is a must that the worker should be in his youth to have more harvests each day. Overall, the government should take into account the current employment needs of the citizens to respond accordingly.
My speaking was on Wednesday. The usual, full name, my hometown, if I preferred living in the countryside.
Cue card was too share about a specific festival in our country. Test 3 was about my thoughts on why our festivals are regional instead of having one national event, also my thoughts on why it is beneficial to have international events.
Thank you so much Atul! Love you!! Haha! I just hope I get high grades. Fingers crossed!


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