I had the academic test yesterday in Japan. Writing
task 1 – was about the plan for Railway station in 1980 and the present date Railway station.
Task 2 – was about rich and poor gap is getting wider. What are the possible problems and the solutions. (Not exact exam questions but similar in those lines).
Part 1
General question about myself
Work or study
Do you like sunny weather?
What do you do on the sunny day?
How do you like to celebrate your birthday
with your family or friends?
Part 2
The events that have changed in your life positively.
What is it
When was that happened
Explain further with your examples.
Part 3
Is today’s society facing changes?
Does people like change?
Do you think you are having a rapid change in your life?
How does technology would change in the future?
Do you think will we face the changes in the future?
My questions for this exam follow;
1. For the task 1 writing, can I consider this plan as a map?
2. I did not have enough time to write the conclusion but I wrote more than 500 words for task 2. Would this affect my score having no conclusion? I need to get band 7.
3. Speaking questions, the examiner did not stop me for the part 1 and part 3. Does that mean am I on the topic and can this attitude consider as mu answers were relevant to the question?
4. I forgot about listening and reading questions. If anyone can leave the information about these questions, would be greatful.


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