Hi Atul. I’m Glory.I just had my academic IELTS test on June 8th, 2017 in Indonesia.
Listening :
Section 1
I forgot the topic, but the questions were mostly multiple choice
Section 2
– age
– facillities
– price
– six questions provided with 8 answers
Section 3
It’s the discussion of 2 people talking about assignment
There were around 6 questions that had to be filled based on given choice in the box
The rest of them were multiple choice
Section 4
Lectures about history of Aborigin people
Fill the blank questiona
Section 1
Topic : history about civilization
(Mostly multiple choice)
Section 2
Topic : experiment about parfume and its impact on memory
(TFNG and fill the blank questions)
Section 3
Topic : technology and software
(YNNG and multiple choice questions)
Writing :
Task 1
Pie charts about reasons for students to choose university in UK in 1997 (maybe) and 2007
Task 2
Discuss two opinions
Some people believe that a country will be able to success in economic and have a clean environment. Some people disagree.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Speaking :
Section 1
– Do you use email ?
– How often do you use it ?
– Why do you prefer to use email ?
– What kind of home will you build in the future ?
– What’s your opinion about sunshine ?
– Do you like to live in a place where the sun shines brightly ?
Section 2
Describes a plant that grows in your country
You should say
– what is the plant
– (forgot)
– why do you like/dislike the plant
Section 3
– what are the benefits of being a farmer ?
– do you think farming is an important thing to support the economy of a country ?
– what challenges do farmers have in your country ?
– do you think that farming activity will continue in the future ?
(I forgot the rest of the questions, but they were all about farming and impact on my country)
My question is about writing in task 2.
Will I lose mark if I wrote my last paragraph with my own opinion instead of making a conclusion ?
Thank you


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