Hi Atul,I had my exam (IELTS Academic) on today i.e. 06.05.2017.
Speaking questions.
study or working
fav fruit
why politeness is important?
who taught you about politeness?
Is it important to be polite when we meet to someone?
how can we show politeness?
how ppl greet in ur country?
is there any change in greeting ppl?
part 2
describe any person who helped you
what actions gov should take to minimize work pressure
do you think people are more selfish now
Writing task1
line graph showing GDP of three different sectors.
more and more parents are allowing there children to play on computer to get more technical skills.
do you think advantages outweigh disadvantages.
In paragraph1, i forgt to mention i favor advantages more. I wrote it has both pros and cons. However, i wrote more pros and only 2-3 cons.
plz tell me how much it will effect my score?


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