Hello Atul and everyone,Date:22 April 2017
Location: Calgary, Canada
Listening: About a drama club
About a residential building : when it was build
Restrictions and a map showing shop, day care, barbecue facility.
A research topic discussing by two students, it’s aspect, problems etc.
About the British library
Reading: The second and third passage was really tough.
Second passage was related to Europes weather condition in 2003. It was saying about extreme hot weather condition like that. First and third passage I don’t remember exactly.
Writing: Task 1: Two line graph one saying about the average price of a city and national average price for the house between 2003 and 2008. Second line graph was about four types of house and it’s average price in that same year .
Task2: crime rate is decreasing compared to the past due to the advance technology as it can prevent and solve the crime. Do you agree or disagree
Speaking: About my home town.
Do you want to go back to home town in the future.
Do you have any best friend?
How do you spend time with them?
Do you want to make new friends?
Do you know to play any musical instruments?
Do you think it’s tough to learn any musical instrument?
Cue card: a profession that can get well paid?
Why they are well paid?
What they want to do?
Do you know anyone who work in that field?
Task 3: any job that is not well paid in back home?
Which all profession can get a good salary in back home?
In work when the boss should motivate the employee?
How he can motivate?
Do we want to motivate by ourselves?


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