13/5/2017: General TrainingUniversity of Reading, England.
* Joining an art class
* Diving into ship wreck in British waters
* Map near sea shore
* Plastic degradation
* Camping in New Zealand
* Disciplinary action to be taken by manager
* Flow chart on the above
* 6 paragraphs on Ants
** Questions for para 1,2,3 and 6
** match jobs of different ants(queen, small, medium, large/soldier) from para 4 and 5
Task 1: An airlines has asked for feedback that you recently traveled with
* Why you chose this airlines
* What you liked (I think)
* What can be improved
Task 2: Regarding the retirement age being 60 to 65 or work after that? Give your opinion.
* Name, what should i call you, study or work, what job, school friends, do you still have contacts with them?
* Cue card: A place you want to travel. What activities you will do? etc
* effect on environment due to many people traveling? what can be done to minimize the effect?
Atul, in writing task2, while paraphrasing for retirement, I used “bid adieu” is this alright?
Thanks for your efforts Atul. I really appreciate it. ????


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