Hi Atul,General test, 8th April, Egypt
I can’t remmember the exact words but I will write the contents.
Writing task 1.
You recived a document that needs to be translated, write a letter to your friend – why the document is important, – why you need to translate it, -why you need it early.
Writing task 2.
Children nowadays are not healthy like children in the past. Why and what is the solution.
Speaking 1 working or studying, why you chossed this career. What would you like to do in the future.
What do you like about your home town. Do you plan to live there in the future.
Task 2 talk about tall building, where is it, you like it or not, what do you know about it.
Task 3 many other questions about tall buildings .
Do all people like to live in tall buildings
What are the disadvantages of living in tall buildings
Why some countries have to build tall buildings
Shall buildings be built by architects or anyone can do it himself
Why there are different shapes of buildings


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