Hi AtulI just gave my speaking(academic) from Edmonton 12/02/2017
Whts ur name,
Wt cn I call u
U live in house or apartment
How does it look like
View from ur window
Part 2
A piece of equipment that u like
Who else used it
Would you like to have robot at home
Y machines r important
Wt kind of jobs machines cn do instead of human
(In part two I talked about my digits photo frame, I could speak fluently, had pause of 3 seconds in between, I never expected this topic.
Atul , can you consider digital photo fram as a piece of equipment?)
Talk about whales
Don’t remember other things
3 paragraphs
One about health issues
Second about radio technology
Part 1
Diagram about pineapple growing and then making products out of them or exporting them
Part 2
Some people think that technology is increasing distance between rich and poor people, some think opposite
(I used word aristocrats and higher level, lower level to paraphrase rich and poor people.
Is it suitable)
Discuss both views and give ur opinion


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