Hi i am Deesha from India and I recently gave my exam.. But i have a few doubts.. hope you can help me with that ???? Exam date- 11th February, 17
Type- Academic
Place- Chandigarh, India
Speaking date- 8th February, 17
The questions were easy initially and the cue card was also ok
The cue card was:
Describe an interesting neighbor
I think i did ok and my grammer is good too.. bt there were a few( 3-4 i mean) questions were i got struck up.. like…
Can a country be called a community?
I don’t remember what i said bt I wasn’t satisfied with my answers for these questions
it was quite easy.. bt may be two or three answers can b wrong ( max 4)
It was a bit tricky.. i did most of it and i think i cn score a 7 or something
Task 1
I think i wrote well.. there were three pie charts abt different types of accommodations chosen by holidaymakers over a period of two decades.. i wrote well nd even would have written a little more than 150 words
Task 2
The question was : earlier people used to repair broken things nd reuse them bt now they prefer buying new things
Why do you think this is happening?
What problems will it lead to?
I am quite slow with writing bt i wrote the following points:
~greed fr buying is increaing
~ due to busy schedules people dont have time to repair things or get things repaired even if they want to
~even if they have time, then sometimes the cost of getting the thing reapired is comparable to the cost of new thing of the same kind so they prefer buying new thing
~ I strongly believe that we value money less than what our parents and grandparents used to and that is why we prefer buying new thing nd throw away the old one
~production of all the things is not eco friendly >> pollution
And then i gave a conclusion
Bt i dont think i wrote as much as 250 words.. i am afraid i’ll lose marks.. cn you tell me that if the words in the essay are less, grammer is correct and the ideas i have given…. what is the possible score that i will get ???


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