Hi,GT, 3rd June
1) discussion between a girl, enquiring for used car, and agency
2) Travel plan to an island
3) 2 students discussing with another girl about the mentor support
4) it was about Diving ceremony
1) Bus services available for a town(TFNG)
2) don’t remember the task but, fill in the blanks kind of question
3) History of abacus & calculators( Fill in the blanks & matching para for the given statments)
Task 1- you attended conference in another company & saw a piece of equipment, which can be useful for you, write a letter to person including below
a) describe what the piece of equipment was
2) why it is useful to you
3) ask question about the device
Task-2, some people think that they should spend earned money to enjoy now, while other thinks that it should be saved for future
discuss both the views & give your opinion
1) do you work or study
2) Are you satisfied with your work
3) what is satisfying
4) will you change the job in future
5) is salary is satisfying factor in the job
6) what you consider satisfying in the job
Cue card- Describe a company, near to your place,
1) what is the company about
2) how many employees
3) how you know about it
about birthday
1) how did you celebrate when you were child
2) importance of birthday in your country
3) what people do on birthday
4) what is the most important birthday
5) the way birthday used to celebrtae in past is changed now


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