General Training ModuleLocation: Doha,Qatar
Date: Speaking Test-07.04.17
Speaking Test
Full Name
Working or studying?
Why you chose this ?
Do u think u will change ur job in future?
Influence of colours
Favourite colour
Reason for favourite colour
Where your favourite colour the same or changed when you were a child?
What about your friend’s choice of colours?
Do u think colours and decorations like plants etc can affect studies or work?
Do u prefer to write by hand or computer? why?
Does your writing habits changed over years?
Where do you think you can relax?
– Where you went?
-When you went?
-What kind of relaxation was it?
What other ways do you think people usually relax?
Various ways in which people excercise?
Does it changed over years?
Do u think there is any age limit for practising Yoga?
(Since I mentioned abt Yoga before)
Do u think people’s way of excersing will change in future and will you be looking for a new way?


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