General Training29 oct 2016
My Speaking Test:
1st part:
Describe your house/appartment
What can you see from the window?
Do you prefer to receive visit or go to other’s people houses?
2nd part(cue card)
Describe and expensive activity that you do.
What is the activity.
How often do you practice.
With whom do you practice.
3rd part:
What are the advantages and disavantages to be rich?
Do you believe that too much Money is beneficial for a person?
How can rich people help the society?
My wife’s speaking test:
Do you work or study?
Why did you choose this profession?
Do you like chocolate?
Have you given someone chocolate?
Did you eat it as a child?
2nd (cue card)
Describe a situation in which you had contact with a wild animal.
Where was it and who was there with you?
Did you have contact with the animal?
Why do you remeber it?
3rd part:
Do you like animals?
Is it common in your country zoos?
The challenges in the future to balance wild life and cities.
Task1: You found a usefull website. Write a letter to your friend explaing what is the website, how did you find it and how can be helpfull to your friend.
Task2: In some cities historical buildings are been destroyed to make place for new housing. What is your opinion about the subject?
The reading and listening I can’t rememer the details but were extremelly difficult. To headings and two “true, false not given” in the reading part.
Good luck everybody.
Thank you Atul!!


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Good luck to everyone preparing for the IELTS test.

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