I took the General Training at Australia 10/9/2016 so I want to give you guys an update.Writing task 1: Write a letter to manager of the furniture company which you just recently ordered some furniture and found out it is damaged. In letter should say:
– what is the furniture and demonstrate the damage
– what do you think is the cause of damage
– what do you want manager to do.
Writing task 2: There are many people believe that people should not be allow to work if they are over 65 years old. Others think that people should have the right to work as long as they want to. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Reading General: 4 passages
-1: about the art exhibitions : you need to state which sections contain the given statements.
-2: about how to rent a property in Australia: you need to fill in the space by picking words from the passage.
-3: about redundancy payment in company: you need to answer questions by picking the words in paragraphs.
-4: about the explorer who discovered some lost cities and sunk ships (this is the longest one): you have to state which section contain given statement, answer questions by picking the words from passage, fill in the blank.
-Section 1: about renting a caravan with some option about extra bed, microwave, heater, place to pick up the vehicle, price per day, driver license information, phone number.
-Section 2: a talk about features of some local restaurants, each restaurant has a unique disadvantage which is given and you match to the right name of restaurant. 2 questions to choose about the services and specials of one recommended restaurant by the speakers.
-Section 3: the preparation for presentation of 2 students about the “education house” basically they just demonstrate the functions of each part in the house such as cooling tower, balcony, water tank, control room, shower and you have a diagram to follow and pick the right function of each part of the house. You have to answer 3 question about the house including the thought of those two students about design and special character of this house.
-Section 4: a talk of lecturer about a survey conducted by her students in laugh. You have to fill in blanks when you listen to the speech. About what they found in survey such as female laugh more often, common statement cause more laugh than joke, laugh is kind of a signal to community, laugh reduce stress, pain, laugh can spread quickly, laugh can manipulate brain to create hormone related to…

Wish you all luck!
Please help me to share this Atul ! Thank you very much.


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