Dear Atul,Thank you for you work and efforts. Your website helped me a lot! My IELTS exam was today, and speaking section was on 18th of May.
Date: 20 May 2017
Place: Almaty, Kazakhstan
1. It was about placing advertisement in newspaper.
2. Talk about new cinema. There was also a map.
3. Conversation about research on long distance running.
4. Talk about cloth history.
1. Passage about agricultural technologies or something like that.
2. Passage about scientific research on children and symbols.
3. Passage about graffiti.
1. A table about percentages of women in parliament in 5 regions, in 1990, 1997 and 2005.
2. Some people think that receiving sponsorship from companies in order to promote them and their products is a good thing for the world of sport. However others disagree with this idea. Discuss both advantages and disadvantages, and give your own opinion. (Words are not exactly the same, but meaning is the same.)
SPEAKING (18th of May):
Part1: 1.Tell me about your hometown.
2. Do you plan to stay or move to another place?
3. What kind of things you take with yourself when you leave your home?
4. Have you ever forget to take something when leaving home?
5. What kind of shoes do you prefer? Comfortable or fancy?
All i remember
Describe a famous person you know.
1. Who are the most celebrities in Kazakhstan? (Singers or actors?)
2. Is it easier to become celebrity now?
3. Can people become celebrity without talents today?
4. Something about privacy of celebrities.
5. Something about black PR.


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