Hi Atul!thanks a lot for your great website, it really helped me a lot.
i had my GT exam on 25th of March, Alexandria, Egypt
Task 1:
write a letter to your friend who recently approved to stay at your flat while you are on a holiday. In your letter tell him:
-more details about your apartment
-some instructions
-what to do if has problems
Task 2:
some people think that governments spend too much on wildlife and this could be spent on other things. to what extent to you agree?
Part 1:
– could you tell more about your hometown ( but the question wasn’t that direct, it was rephrased but i can’t remember it, and was quite tricky)
-will u live the rest of your life in this city?
-what types of shoes do u prefer?
-would u spend more money on shoes?
-have you ever bought shoes online?
-which form of public transport do you use often?
what’s your longest journey by public transport?
Part 2:
-Describe sometime that you spent with a child
(i really can’t remember the points below, i think it was about what u did and how you felt)
Part 3:
-some questions about child development and whether parents should give their children strict instructions or just give them freedom to try things


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