IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Model Answer – Adult Education Survey

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 with model answer

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The charts below show the results of a survey of adult education. The first chart shows the reasons why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the costs of adult education should be shared.

Write a report for a university lecturer, describing the information shown above.

Write at least 150 Words.

Model Answer:

The summary of a survey on adult education is presented in the 2 charts. The bar chart summarizes the factors that caused adults to continue their education, while the pie chart shows the public opinion regarding the funding of adult education.

According to the bar chart, 40% of the respondents mentioned “interest in the subject” as the reason they decided to go back to school. This factor was followed closely by the aim to gain qualification at 38%. On the other hand, only 9% of the survey participants said that they went to school in order to meet more people. This is the least popular reason among the 7 given.

Among all the people surveyed regarding the funding, 40% of them felt that this adult education should be the responsibility of the individual. Although 35% of them thought that the employers should lend the helping hand, only 25% agreed that the taxpayers should share the burden.

In summary, the survey showed a mixed opinion regarding the reasons and the funding for adults education.

Total Words: 192

Task Achievement: 9

Coherence & Cohesion: 9

Lexical resources: 9

Grammar: 9

Overall Score: Band 9

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  1. Anonymous 2 months ago

    (22 to 12) % reasons are not mentioned in the body part

  2. Cami 18 hours ago

    For Writing Task 1 is better giving an Overview than a Conclusion…

    • Profile photo of IELTS Online Practice Author
      IELTS Online Practice 18 hours ago

      Hi Cami,

      As long as you summarise the information from the chart correctly, either of them should be fine… i.e. you can give an overview or a conclusion. Both are not necessary.

      Hope this helps.

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