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Today we will learn how to write an introduction & overview for IELTS writing Task 1.

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  1. Babak Khodadust 6 years ago

    considerig overview in task 1 what was your mean:for band8 and 9 it is not neccesary according to band discribtion?

    • Anonymous 6 years ago

      I’m not sure what you mean. Can you rephrase your question?

  2. Lida Anwari 5 years ago


    Task 1 , I have learned from you about introduction and overview.
    But when i review the examples of task 1 , I see the introduction but i do not see the overview?
    well summery at the end.

    now I am confused where I should write the overview? after introduction or after body details at the end?

    Kind regards

    • Author
      IELTS Online Practice 5 years ago

      Dear Lida,

      An overview is essential for Task 1. You can write the overview right after the introduction. In this case you start the overview with the word “Overall, …”

      You can also write the overview at the end. In this case you start it with the phrase “In summary, …”

      You should not write the summary if you have already written the overview in the intro.

      Hope this helps.


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