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The bar chart below shows the estimated sales of jeans for two companies next year in Turkey. The pie chart shows the projected market share of the two companies in jeans at the end of next year.

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Write a short report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Write at least 150 words.

  1. Luis Banez III 5 years ago

    The bar chart reflects the expected consumption of jeans for Mango Co. and Jack & Jones Co. in Turkey in the coming year, while the Pie chart next to it illustrates the allotted market share of both companies in jeans at the end of the same year. Overall, it is expected that the of sales of Jack & Jones Com. will double at the end of the year compared to mango Co. that should triple its consumption when the year ends. On the other hand the the reflected share of both companies is almost half the percentage in the market share dominated by Jack & Jones Com at 30%.

    firstly, the expected number of jeans in the Jack & Jones co. at the beginning of the year will mark at about 450,000 sales as to mango that accounts only to around 150, 000. By the second month of the year sudden drop of Sales in Jack & Jones co. is recorded by almost half and slight deflection in Mango Co. There is a gradual increase of production until June and by the end of July in both companies. by, the half quarter of the year, Mango Co overrated the chart at estimated number of 420,000 items until august at almost 5000,000 with the same ratings in the jack and jones co. of around 400,000. however, the consumption of the Jack and Jones com suddenly and later with rapid increase at the end of the year by 900,000 pairs, as compared to mango that is constant and soon with slight increase at 500,000.

  2. Anonymous 4 years ago

    The bar chart shows the estimated number of jeans that will be sold next year in Turkey while the pie chart shows the projected market share of two well-known jeans companies at the twelfth month next year.

    According to the bar chart, Jack & jones Co will be succeeded to sell more pairs jeans than Mango Co during a year period except July and August. In January, jeans from Jack & Jones Co will be sold about 450 thousand of pairs while Mango Co is predicted to just can sell 300 thousand fewer than Jack & Jones Co. However, in february, there will be decreased about half of january’s total for Jack ans Jones Co but the following quarter years the sales are predicted grew up slightly. The sales’ number will level off from June to August and from September to October but it will increase steadily in the end of the year.

    On the other hand, for the fist half period, the sales will rise slightly and the next 2 months the sales rise steadily. However, from August to November, the sales will level off before the nubmers will increase in December.
    Based on the pie chart, Jack & jones will have bigger market than Mango Co (30% VS 20%). While both Jack & Jones Co. will have a half of market in Turkey, the other half market will be fill by the other companies.

    Overall, In next year, it is seemed that turkish demand for jeans from Jack & Jones Co will be higher than the other companies.

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