Here’s a reading passage for practice. By now you should be able to finish each passage in no more than 5 minutes …

US Army Veteran

A U.S. Army veteran who lost both legs and an arm during a tour in Afghanistan three years ago is now able to climb stairs and curbs with the help of a high-tech wheelchair donated by a non-profit group.

Joshua Bullis was on foot patrol in 2010 when an improvised explosive device (IED) went off, hitting him in both legs above the knee and in his left arm above the elbow, Fox 10 reports.

After the blast, Bullis said he had to start his life over again.

"I kind of just said to myself this is how it's going to be" Bullis said. "I can't just sit around and mope and cry all day so I just figured let's do this and start from there". The veterans non-profit "Friends of Freedom" has upgraded Bullis’ standard wheelchair to a new l-bot wheelchair, which allows him to climb curbs, stairs and use four wheel drive, Fox 10 reports.

"There's been many times where I go somewhere and they don't have a wheelchair ramp, or they only have curbs, or the closest ramp is a half mile down the way... just little things like that, that people don't really think of" Bullis said. "[It's] really going to be a life changer [to] make life a little easier."

Multiple Choice Questions:

Q1. What is the US Army veteran able to do with the help of a high tech wheel chair ?

  1. to climb stairs
  2. donate a Wheelchair to a non- profit group
  3. to walk his dog
  4. to run up stairs

Q2. Which body part was not affected by the IED ?

  1. his legs
  2. his knee
  3. his left arm
  4. his shoulder

Q3. What is making Joshua Bullis' life easier ?

  1. an IED
  2. a high tech wheelchair
  3. an automatic car
  4. a new job

True, False, and Not Given

Q4. Us Army veteran Joshua Bullis lost one leg, during a tour in Afghanistan 3 years ago.

Q5. A high tech wheelchair was donated to Bullis, by a non-profit group.

Q6. There have been many times Where people laugh at Bullis because of his disability

Multiple Choice Questions:

1. a

2. d

3. b

True, False, Not Given:

4. False: US Army Bullis lost both legs during a tour in Afghanistan three years ago

5. True

6. Not Given


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