This IELTS Playlist will give you some great tips and strategies on listening to names, spellings and numbers in IELTS listening test.

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Finally, some IELTS Listening tips to improve your spelling

Many students get low scores in IELTS listening because they make spelling mistakes. Here are some tips to improve your spelling:

1. Make a list of spelling that you commonly misspell
Every time you make a spelling mistake, write the correct spelling of the word on a list. Hopefully the list of words that you can spell correctly will grow and grow.

2. Memorise spelling of difficult words
The only way to make sure that your spelling improves is to learn words by heart. Learn the words on your spelling list, and test yourself every day.

3. Don't bother about rules
You could easily get lost in the labyrinth of English spelling rules. It's easier to remember the spelling of individual words than it is to remember all the rules.

4. Lastly, use your smartphone
Do you look up words on Google at least once a day? Just type the word followed by "define" to get the definition of a word on Google. Moreover, you can also hear how the word is pronounced.

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Best of luck.

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    The third link is is not opening

  2. Lê Minh Thanh 3 years ago

    Cho em đáp án ạ

  3. Anonymous 2 years ago

    How I can check my answers? Please, post the answer of each video!

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