In this lesson on IELTS Speaking, we revisit everything that we learnt in the previous topics.


Here's a check list for IELTS Speaking test . Follow this check list and you are guaranteed to score Band 7+ in IELTS Speaking.

  1. Listen carefully to the examiners question and take a moment to identify the main subject.
  2. Answer the examiners questions directly by addressing the main subject of the question.
  3. Give full answers and explain each idea in detail.
  4. Speak for at least 2 minutes for Speaking Part 1. However do not exceed 4 minutes.
  5. Don't take long pauses between words to gather your thoughts. Keep AAHs, UMMs to a mininum.
  6. If you can't remember a word, use alternative words to describe it and move on.
  7. Dont highlight your mistakes by constantly self-correcting and apologizing for them.
  8. Don't speak to fast. Your aim should be 150 words per minute.
  9. Each day listen, read and think in English for at least 1 hour.
  10. For Part 2 - You have 1-minute to prepare before speaking. Use this to organize your thoughts
  11. Don't sound flat and monotonous. Change your tone, pitch, volume and intonation while speaking.
  12. Display confidence while speaking. Remember to follow the 5 S's of confident speaking: Smile, Stance, Sound, Speed, Sight (eye contact).
  13. Use a range of vocabulary in the proper context.
  14. Link your ideas together in a logical order.
  15. Make yourself easy to understand.
  16. Use contractions to speak complex sentences fluently
  17. Don't ramble and go off topic. In most cases, if you speak for too long, examiners will cut you off to move to the next question. This is not impolite, they are just trying to manage the time for you.
  18. Always be respectful to the examiner. Treat the test like a job interview. dress smartly. Greet the examiner when you enter the room and say "thank you" and "good bye" when you leave.


Here are some more do's and don'ts for scoring Band 7+ in IELTS Speaking:

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Best of luck.



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If you put the above advice to practice you will score above Band 7 in speaking guaranteed.


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