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I guarantee you that if you follow this step by step IELTS course, by the end of 20 days your IELTS Band Score WILL GO UP. 

IELTS Twenty20 isn’t your “regular” IELTS course.

Don’t think for one second this is some “boring, death by multiple choice” practice course.

This step-by-step, follow along course will give you the techniques you need to start improving your IELTS band scores within 48 hours of you starting the course.

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  1. Punniyakoti 2 years ago


  2. Punniyakoti 2 years ago

    i just register with this site and need some one to guide how to access and start studying

    • Atul Pandey 2 years ago

      Hi Punniyakoti,

      I guess you already know by now how to use the course :)
      For others who might have the same question:
      -The IELTS Twenty20 course covers all modules and every single topic for IELTS.
      -Go through the topics in the sequence that we have arranged them.
      -If you think you already know enough about a topic, just skip and go to the next one.
      -Assignments are at the end of each module and are named “Submission —“. Try to submit 1 or 2 assignments a day. The assignments have instructions on how to submit them via email.
      -Our tutors will mark your assignments and send you a detailed feedback within 12-24 hours.
      -Keep working on new assignments or reading the online tutorials while you wait for the feedback.

      Hope this helps.

  3. michael asefaw mussie 1 month ago

    hello, I am radiology technician.I want to start IELTS courSe .please you help me to start.

  4. Profile photo of Immanuel I. Madziga
    Immanuel I. Madziga 3 weeks ago

    I am a researcher. I want to write the IELTS in order to secure a scholarship with James Cook University, Queensland Australia on the 13th May, 2017. Please, do assist me so that I will pass it.

    • Profile photo of IELTS Online Practice Author
      IELTS Online Practice 3 weeks ago

      Hi Immanuel,

      Great to have you here. Go over the tutorials and let me know if you have any specific questions.

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