IELTS Test Dates 2013

First of all ...

Awesome job completing all the IELTS Twenty20 lessons. Armed with the tips that you have learnt during the last few weeks, you are now ready to take on the IELTS exam and achieve your dreams!

If you follow all the strategies that have been laid down for you and complete all the exercises mentioned in the practice tasks, there is no reason why you cannot score a Band 8+ in IELTS!

In the remaining topics you will learn about how to cope with stress on IELTS exam day, how & when to book your IELTS exam, how to schedule a revaluation and so on.

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Read through the remaining topics and click on your Mark Complete to finish your IELTS Twenty20 journey.

Good Luck from the IELTS Twenty20 Team!

Don't forget to update us on Twitter or Facebook when you get your results.

Go! Get Them Tiger :)


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