Hi ! Greeting From ThailandIelts Date : 20/may /2017
Part 1 : Where do you live? House or ..?
Which type you prefer house or ?
Birthday : did you celebrate birthday when you are young?
– which birthdays are especially important in your country?
– for you, birthday is important?, you like to celebrate birthday?
Part 2 : discribe Free gift !! What was the free gift that u ‘ve receive ? Who gave you? How did you get?
Do you think people like free gift?
Which gift in company would give?
Part3: free public service ; What free service that gorvernment should give?

Reading :
1. Discovery about dinosaurs
-True or false or ng
-word complete
2. Sea creatures and eye’s system
– which sea creature use their light to attrack ? Choose 2
-located information which paragraphs
-word summary
3.change of technology and people in workplace
-matching complement sentence
-expecter said
-yes no ng
1. Diagram: bottled and canned carbonated drink are made 5 stages
2. Job doesnt only provide only income but also social life while some people think that it is better to develop social life not in work place.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Thanks xxx

Thank you! Xxx


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