Hello Atul10/5/17
Academic speaking
Part 1
What’s your name?
What shall I calll you?
Where are you from?
Do you live in a house or apartment?
Do you prefer to live in a house or apartment in future?
Do you like fruits?(oranges or bananas) why
Why people like to eat fruits?
Is it healthy to eat fruits?
When you are a child, which fruit you like the most ?
About transport
In the future underground transport
Is government has take any initiative to solve transport dilemmas?
About buses
Part 2
Describe a piece of clothing you have
Who gave it to u why
In which occasion you wear this clothe
the most
What’s your feeling about this
Part 3
Realtor to part 2
Difference in clothing between man and women
Is clothing show status
Chooise of colours between man and woman while buying clothes


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