Test Date: 22nd April 2017Place: Portsmouth, England
Module: Academic
Listening was easy, 1st part was abt a woman arranging a day care centre for her children, 2nd was parents visiting a school, 3rd was abt plants doctors, and the last one was abt origin of perfumes.
Reading was too hard and complicated, very few fill in the blanks, all others were matching the headings. First para was abt Tunnells, 2nd was abt hiring old age employees, 3rd was abt education models or research. I cudnt even attempt all questions bcoz even Para one wasnt easy, took a long time to answer questions from there.
Writing Task one was tricky. on one chart there was a bar chart plus a line graphs showing male n females in university studying different subjects in 2012.
Task 2: Nations are having economic development but losing social values, does the advantages outweigh disadvantages.
Speaking: About ur town
is ur town interesting
will u live there if you go back
Mirrors, how often you look at urself in mirrors
do u buy mirror
why do u use them for decoration
Topic: Neighbour
Who is he/she
How do u meet him/ her
how often do u see her/him
Part 3:
Do u know anyother neighbour as well
What does community means to u
what things communities can do together
how does local businesses can help community
What effects technology done on our society
are they harmful
is ur country a community.
how does two countries differ as communities.


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