Hi Everyone,I’m from Germany and sat my IELTS Exam yesterday, 21st January at ECU Perth, Australia.
General Test:
Part 1 Letter
You are unable to attend the leaving party of a colleague from work. Write a letter to your colleague
– explaining why you are unable to attend
– say what you liked about working with him
– say something about his future
Part 2 Essay:
Many people believe that now there is less communication between family members than in the past.
To what extend to you agree with this view.
Part 1
– car got stuck and person called a breakdown service
Part 2
– school group visiting an adventure park/zoo
Part 3
– scientific discussion about natural features (volcanoes, hot spots, glaciers, tidal movements, caves) of our earth and geological collection of fossils.
Part 4
– how a new CEO of an Indian IT company improved the company via a new employee reclamation system and different management techniques
Text 1: different leisure attractions
Text 2: training of soft skills for travel consultants / customer relationships
Text 3: health care options on a university campus
Text 4: don’t remember
Text 5: the discovery, export and replication attempts of Chinese porcelain
Personal questions:
– what things do you usually take with you when you go out ?
– do you take different things when you go out in the evening vs during the day ?
– what are your techniques to make sure not to forget your things ?
– have you ever forgotten something important to take with you ?
Talking for 1-2 minutes:
Describe a place where you go swimming that you like.
– what the place looks like
– when do you go there
– what kind of persons go there
Follow up questions:
– is the place more suited for a certain age group
– is the place more popular during a specific time of the year
Advanced vocabulary questions:
Topic: Leisure facilities
– do you think leisure facilities are important for our society ?
– do you think it is important to have leisure facilities everywhere ?
– do you think the state should subsidize entry to these facilities for some persons ?
– do you think leisure and cultural facilities are important for young people ?
Good luck for everyone taking their exam in the future!


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Good luck to everyone preparing for the IELTS test.

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