25 Feb 2017ACADEMIC
New Zealand
Task 1
Two bar charts. The first one with population in Wales and England between 1770 and 2000. The second one comparing death and birth rates in the same period and countries.
(It looked easy but I did not have enough time so I did it very quickly and I don’t think I’ve included enough comparisons/contrasts)
Task 2
Some people think an international car-free day is an effective way to reduce air pollution. Others think there are more effective ways do to this. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.
Part 1
Do you work or study?
Do you work hard?
What do you usually do after work?
How do you spend time with friends?
What kind of TV programmes do you watch?
Did you use to watch a lot of TV when you were young?
Do you do the housework?
Is there any household chore you dislike?
Did you use to help in the house when you were a child?
Do you think it is important for children to help with the housework at home?
Part 2
Describe a cafe you have been recently. Say:
– who you went with
– why you went there
– what you ate or drank
Part 3
Why do some people dislike inviting friends to their own house?
Some people think you don’t know a person until you go to their house, do you agree?
We weren’t supposed to live a big city surrounded by strangers, what do you think?
(I didn’t know what this last question meant exactly)


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