Atul, I had my exam on 3/6/2017 in US and here are the writing and speaking questions.
Part 1: You are leaving the country and moving back to your home country. Write a letter to your friend regarding the furniture that you would like to give away. Your letter should include:
explain why you wan to give away furniture
describe furniture that you want to give away
explain why your friend will like it
Part 2: Public celebrations(festivals, national day) are held in some countries. Some people think that they are very expensive and government should spend money on some other important issues. Do you agree or disagree?
I got 7.5 in writing and my husband got 7.
Part 1: about my self(working or studying), which Household I like to do, which househole I dont like to do?
Part 2: mobile phone are not allowed in some places. Describe a event when you were not allowed to use a mobile phone. Your answer should include following point:
where you were not allowed to use mobile phones
why you wanted to use it
how did you feel since you could not use it
Part 3: all the questions related to technology and children using them. Do you think children should not be allowed to use gadgets like mobiles, tablets? how government and companies contribute to limit the use of mobile phones? and so on…
My husband got the topic of dream in part 2. describe a dream you recently saw.


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