Hello!Type of test: Academic
Date: May 6, 2017
Task 1:
A line graph of a country’s spendings in 3 different areas (education, healthcare, pensions), from 2001 to 2051. The units were presented as a percentage of the country’s GDP. (The country was not specified)
Task2 (in my own words):
Nowadays parents often let their children play a lot with computers and tablets in order to improve their technological skills. Do the advantages of the use of these devices from an early age outweigh the disadvantages?
-Where are you from?/Do you work or study?/ What do you usually do after work? etc.
-Questions about dreams ( Do you remember your dreams/ do you think that dreams are important/ Would you like to learn more about the meaning of dreams?)
-Cue card about a neighbor (Describe a neighbor of yours/ How did you meet etc.)
-General questions about neighbors (If people nowadays want to know their neighbors or not and why is that/ If it is easier to know your neighbors in a small town than in a big city)
-Communities and national communities (can a nation be considered a community, especially in today’s world?)
Good luck everyone!


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