hi Atul! hi Everyone!I have completed taking my IELTS General Training exams in India today.
Listening, Reading and Writing Test – August 4, 2016
Speaking Test – August 2nd, 2016
Speaking Questions:
Where do you live? Is it a flat/apartment?
Describe the locality.
Would you settle in this locality?
Have you been in a noisy place?
How does it affect you in work place?
Do you like reading newspaper or magazine? Why?
Which was the 1st newspaper/magazine you read?
Do you think it will die out?
Talk about a skill that you learned as a child. Who taught you this skill? How is it a useful one.
Do you think others should learn this skill?
What do you think is a daily useful practical skill and why?
Which is better – Practical or academic skills
Are practical skills not taught in school? Explain
How do you master something & how does it impact you?
Listening : Had the usual format dialogues & fill blanks or A,B,C…
A difference observed : answer in ONE WORD only.
Reading :
Section 1 :
Section 2 :
Section 3 :
Section 4 :
Writing :
Task1 : Letter – The company you work has decided to close the cafeteria as staff are not using it much. You are unhappy about it. Write letter to the supervisor/director(someone in authority) :
– Asking not to close it
– Inform what you feel is the cause of staff not using it.
– How can things be improved in the cafeteria.
Task2 : Essay :
In most places , people are spending their free-time going shopping as compared to their older hobbies of the past.
Why do you think is this happening due to?
Do you see it as a positive or negative development?
Hope this helps.


Did you recently take the IELTS test?

Help other students by sharing your IELTS questions and topics that you got in your test in the comments below. Make sure that when you share your questions, you mention the following:

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  • Date of IELTS test
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Good luck to everyone preparing for the IELTS test.

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