Ielts speaking academicHyderabad
Part 1
About me and my work
About famous celebrities in your country
About inviting friends or family members to your home
Part 2
An appointment you missed
What appointment
Why you missed it
How you realize it again
How you felt missing it
Part 3
About appointments
How people remember the appointments
Past days there are no technology how they remember that
How you remember the appointments you had
If you had 2 appointments one is office meeting and another is with friend what would you prefer to go
Is it very important to know about past family history
It’s important to child to learn past family history
Why we want to learn about our family history
In part 3
I answered that it’s important to learn about our family and also important to know everyone and then I added example that in India we celebrate many occasions ,festivals with family members only if we don’t know them and also if we miss to invite them it will be awkward when we see them at any function.
Is this a correct example to use in part3 (about past family history)question
LRW is on 8th
Thanks Atul,


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