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    Speaking Tips
    ✅ Linking phrase to develop the second type:
    ✔️ And the main characteristic of (None) is that …
    ✔️And the unique aspect of (……) is that …
    ✔️And the exceptional aspect with (…) is that …
    ✅ Add a vague end line:
    ✔️And of course there’s the usual things like…
    ✔️And obviously you can also find things like…
    ✔️Likewise, as might be expected, there are things like…
    And naturally, there are things like…
    Essential tips for Speaking Improvement
    ✅Speak up
    ☝????Sometimes, students mumble and speak very softly because they are nervous or unsure of their words. Use simple, correct language rather than complicated vocabulary and speak loudly enough that the examiner does not have to strain to hear you. This indicates self-confidence and command of the language.
    ✅ Don’t use slang
    ☝????You have 11 minutes to display the best English you know in all the years that you have been learning English! Choose to be formal rather than informal.
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