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    what is your full name?
    where are you from?
    Are you currently working and where?
    where do u live ? (city or village)
    Tell me about living in city ?
    when was the last time you visited another city ?
    Do u prefer receiving handwritten or e-letters ?
    when was the last time u wrote a letter to someone?
    part 2:
    Talk about something you own that you wish to replace .
    describe the item.
    since when you had it.
    what was the problem with the item
    is it easy or difficult to replace the item.
    part 3
    Do you frequently go for shopping ?
    do you think people are shopping more on-line rather than going to shops?
    what is your prediction about type of shopping in the future?
    compare about shopping in the past and in current days?
    Talk about general waste in our modern world and ways to encounter the problem?
    Who is responsible about raising Public awareness in a society?
    Do u think that reducing general waste where people will wisely pick up things will have a negative impact on the economy of the country?

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