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    PART 1
    -Where do you live?
    -How long have you been living there?
    -What do you like about your home?
    -What do you prefer most, reading news in the newspaper or on the Internet? Why?
    -How often do you check time? Why?
    -Have you ever been late for an important meeting? How did you feel?
    PART 2
    Describe your perfect home
    You should say:
    -where it would be and why
    -what would you want to see there
    -explain why it is a perfect home for you
    PART 3
    -What are the main differences between houses in your country and in western countires?
    -Should one be allowed to have more than one house? Why?
    -(Above question) Would yo say so about places where there are not enough houses to live?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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