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    – Did you take any specific training to do this job?
    – would you like to take up any training in future to continue doing this job?
    – how do you commute daily?
    – how much time it takes to commute?
    – how did you travel today?
    – how often you use computers?
    – how different are computers today?
    – would you be using computers in future?
    Task2 :
    – a park or a garden you visited when you were younger
    Task 3:
    – Are there any parks near your house?
    – what all should b there in a park?
    – do you think there should be any charge to enter these park?
    – are there enough parks in a city like Mumbai?
    – do you think we need to protect natural beauty like a national park or a forest?
    – Do you believe we should not allow humans to visit such natural beauty places as they pollute it or destroy it?
    – do u think people abide by rules n regulations on such places?

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